Make your own natural repellents

Essential Oils as Natural Repellents

The most common (and most effective) natural insect repellents are various organic essential oils. Clove oil and citronella (rose geranium) are the most effective against mosquitoes, but be careful with clove oil and use it sparingly. It can be a skin irritant. Other fairly effective essential oils include lemon grass, eucalyptus, castor oil, peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender, and cedar.

 It's important to remember when using essential oils that you shouldn't use them internally! They need to be used externally on your skin and garments. Be sure to test any oils on a small patch of skin before applying widely to your body to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritations.

You can make your own insect repellent sprays by combining olive oil or seasame oil with one of the listed essential oils (about 10-to-1, carrier oil -to-oil ratio). Shake well before each use.


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