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bob red mill organic chia seeds

Bob's red mill organic chia seeds 340g

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Organic chia seeds at special price available in Hong Kong

Chia seeds are rich in fibre – which helps with satiety, the feeling of fullness. A 25g portion of chia seeds contains approximately 9g of fibre. The daily recommended amount of fibre is 30g, so including a 25g portion of chia seeds each day could be a useful contribution. Fibre is important for a healthy digestive system and many of us do not reach the recommended target.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their anti-inflammatory effects, as well as enhancing brain and heart health. Chia seeds contain omega-3 in the plant form: alpha linolenic acid (ALA). It is much harder for humans to convert ALA into the form preferred by the body: DHA. 

Chia seeds are relatively high in protein – so are a useful source of plant protein and provide a range of amino acids, particularly for vegetarian and vegan diets.

The combination of fat, protein and fibre means the seeds are digested relatively slowly, providing long, slow release of energy to keep blood-sugar levels stable.


Ingredients: organic whole chia seeds


Soaked 1-2 table spoon of chia seeds in room temperature water for 30 minutes, drink the water together with the chia seeds.


Net weight: 340g

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