Biokleen Premium Plus Laundry Powder

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For the Cleanest, Softest, Brightest and Freshest Wash Imaginable!

  • 100% All Natural Source Active Ingredients
  • Phosphate & Chlorine Free
  • 54 Full Loads!
  • Oxygen Bleach, Natural Enzymes, Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Extracts double the cleaning power, deodorizer and soften laundry
  • Gentle to sensitive skin; rinses free of soap residue and hard water deposits; a primary cause of skin irritation and diaper rash
  • Preferred by natural baby catalog companies for cloth diapers
  • Super concentrate, no fillers; only 2/3 scoop per full load! Safe for front loading washers

Double the Cleaning Power with Bi-o_Kleen's Premium Plus Laundry Powder
Safely whitens and brightens with natural oxygen bleach, Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Extract, natural water conditioners, and natural protein digesters. A powerful laundry cleaner and deodorizer without added harmful ingredients. Gentle and safe enough for your most delicate washables, including cloth diapers; leaves no irritating residue or odors behind.

Contains NO polymers, metasilicate, phosphorous, chlorine, borine, petrochemicals, synthetic detergents, MEA, EDTA, phenolics, catonic softeners, optical brighteners (or other dyes) or artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives.

Ingredients: Protein Digesters from Fermentations (Natural), Sodium Precarbonate (Oxygen Bleach), Soda Ash, Citrate, Surfactants (from coconut), Citrus Peel Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Sodium Sulfate, Zeolites, Low pH Silicates (from vegetable fiber), Low pH Chelators (from vegetable fiber)

Net weight: 5 lb (2.27 kg)

Made in U.S.A.

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