Lily Kitchen organic turkey dinner for cat

Lily's Kitchen organic turkey dinner for cat (grain free)

Grain Free organic cat can food

These irresistible, complete nutrition recipes are made from 100% certified organic ingredients. Organic farming encourages wildlife, means high welfare standards and fantastic quality. So by going organic, you’ll be looking after your cat’s world as well as your cat.


  • Freshly prepared meat, no meat meal: More digestible than highly processed meat

  • Complete and balanced nutrition: All the nutrients your cat needs to be healthy

  • Grain Free Recipes

  • All Natural Recipes

  • Chelated Minerals: More easily absorbed than non-chelated minerals

  • Botanicals and herbs: A natural boost from nature’s pharmacy

  • Recyclable Aluminium Trays

Ingredients: Organic turkey 26%, organic Port 12%, organic beef 10%, organic fish 4%, organic chicken 4%, organic carrots, chelated minerals

Made in the EU

Net weight : 85g

Once opened, refrigerate and use within 2 days.