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HKD720 HKD550
Electric burner with organic lavender oil Perfect gift for your loved ones !
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HKD144 HKD130
This set include: 1) Dr. Bronner Organic Toothpaste 5oz (Anise or Peppermint) 2) Organic Bamboo Adult tooth brush X 1 3) Dental floss with tea tree...
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HKD107 HKD98
This set include: 1) Flouride free toothpaste 7oz ( powersmile / sea fresh ) 2) Organic Bamboo adult tooth brush x 1  
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This set include: 1) fluoride free toothpaste ( Xlear toothpaste <3m+to 3yrs>, Orange toothpaste, Green Apple toothpaste) 2) Organic bamboo...
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